Thursday, December 01, 2016

November Update


Thanksgiving- Finally finishing all the thanksgiving leftovers and already missing the casseroles a bit. I had thanksgiving a bit later this year since I worked on Thursday and Friday, but the Saturday meal was still a good day with family and food. Neighbors also decided to have an unexpected fireworks show which we enjoyed at the end of the night.

Work - I started a new position at work half way through the month that was a bit stressful, but much happier now. New opportunities can be scary - but never taking any means no new beginnings.


Lorac Pro Palette and #PanThatPalette Challenge- Started really loving this palette again, bought it last year and love the pigmentation and how well it blends, my favorite eye shadow formula I've ever tried. I also really want to start using up my makeup and stop having all my palettes look barely used, and I somewhat started by trying to really work on panning my Pro. I have one color (Cream?) and major pan on a few others. Hope to try some new looks using it the rest of the year.

Liquid Lipsticks and Dark Colors - I've been loving some statement matte lips lately. Sadly, can't wear them too much with work requiring little makeup, but on days off and going out they've been my favorite thing to wear. I also recently purchased this one in big spender from Smashbox and am in complete love with the formula. It stays on for hours with little touch up, and feels great when dry. Need to purchase more when I'm up for the dip in savings.


Big Brother: Over the Top - Dec 1st is the finale, though with my favorite contestants being evicted earlier in the month I admit my interest has waned over the past few weeks, I'm still excited to tune in  a couple of hours and see who wins. This is my first time watching feeds and I can see how it is so addicting, I'm already excited for BB19 next summer. Especially since I discovered the reddit during the BB18, cannot wait to watch a full season with a community!


Doctor Strange - I ended up really liking it (ha of course.) I went in thinking the trailer looked odd and not as excited then as for past marvel movies, but the visual effects were just too pretty for me to enjoy it. Loved all the medicine and magic, and ended up on a Sherlock binge soon after. Good role for Benedict Cumberbatch.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I fell right back in love with the world of Harry Potter. I loved this spin-off, even though it was much more dark, serious, and political then the world I'm used to. The creatures were gorgeous and the niffler had me laughing the whole time, definitely my favorite part. I love all the creatures they included from the original books that weren't in the movies, like the Niffler and Bowtruckle. Hope they continue down this path of adding more references for book fans! Eddie Redmayne did excellent, and the supporting characters as well were pretty good.  Some odd spots, but I am really happy this is going to be a series and can't wait to see where they take it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello. Test post to see what fonts and how a typical blog layout shall look.

vertical test photo layout - large size

stonehenge vertical extra large size plus caption
Hello. Test post to see what fonts and how a typical blog layout shall look. test font again. being strange with adjusting to a right side centering will have to play around with photo captions + text compatibility in changing layout.